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Eliminate pesky wrinkles with neuromodulators such as Botox or Nuceiva. With little to no downtime, this is one cosmetic treatment well-suited for holidays, business trips, large life events, or as part of a simple rejuvenation of your beautiful skin. Our clinic focuses on helping you manage your wrinkles while maintaining natural facial expressions.

How can Botox Help Me?

As one of the least expensive cosmetic procedures available to combat wrinkles, neuromodulators prove popular with millions of patients around the world due to the fact that they are fast, effective, minimally invasive, and requires virtually no downtime.


Botox is known to help smooth lines, wrinkles and Crow’s feet. It works best on active wrinkles (those caused by facial expressions), eliminating up to 80% of imperfections.


The results are temporary, lasting between three and six months. As a result, many patients seek top-ups on a semi-regular basis, which can also have a positive cumulative effect over time. 

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What is Botox and How Does it Work?

Botox and Nuceiva are types of botulinum toxins that are typically injected into predetermined areas of the face, such as around the eyes and on the forehead. The toxin temporarily paralyzes facial muscles, preventing them from contracting when we make expressions, which normally gives away our age. This makes the face appear younger, hiding those tell-tale signs of aging when we smile, laugh and frown.

Our Therapist

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Timur Bazavluk

Timur is a Nurse Practitioner whose academic journey started at the University of Alberta where he obtained his Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree. Over a 7-year career, he has developed skills in the ICU and the Emergency room where he became proficient in providing care to critically ill patients. In 2022 he graduated from the University of Alberta yet again, but this time with his Master of Nursing NP (Advanced Clinical Focus). His current passion involves pursuing further opportunities and widening his horizons in the field of nursing and leadership.


As someone who struggled himself with skincare throughout his life, Timur has an appreciation for having skin that you can feel comfortable in. The importance of feeling comfortable in your own skin is what led him to open his own aesthetic practice – to help others feel the same.

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